About Us

Mission Statement:
At TOP CTRL (To Optimize Peak Control), we believe that the greatest indicator of intelligence lies in one's capacity to adapt and evolve. Our mission is to inspire and provide top-tier clothing products to those seeking transformation and ready to seize the reins of their lives at the highest tier.
Who TOP CTRL Appeals To:
This brand is dedicated to the underdogs - individuals in competitions expected to lose or with a lower likelihood of success compared to their opponents. It encapsulates the notion of embracing the journey toward self-improvement, where each experience, whether positive or negative, acts as a learning opportunity to enhance one's skills and wisdom, thereby maintaining optimal control.

This clothing brand is founded by George Smith Jr - a Maryland native who embodies a laid-back, driven, and down-to-earth demeanor. As a former Division One baseball student-athlete, he cultivated his skills both on and off the field. With a business degree from La Salle University, his entrepreneurial spirit has always burned bright, yet he's struggled to find his true passion within the confines of a traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle. Beyond sports and entertainment storytelling, George cherishes moments with family, stays active, and seeks solace in nature through walks and new experiences. Firmly believing in personal development and carving out one's own path, he welcomes you to join TOP CTRL. Start your journey of self-improvement through our clothing and embrace your unique path to personal growth.

Explore his weekly personal blogs, where he shares stories of triumph over obstacles, offers insights on personal development, and provides updates on our latest products.

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