Mastering Long-Term Thinking: Shifting Your Mindset

Mastering Long-Term Thinking: Shifting Your Mindset

Reflecting on the early days of my fitness business in 2020, I recall the ambitious confidence I possessed. I envisioned rapid profitability, overselling my brand, and fixating on quick sales. However, this approach led me down a path of delusion, devoid of long-term vision and authenticity. It was time for a change.

Are you familiar with the saying ‘don’t play checkers, play chess’? Checkers, much like the allure of quick cash in gambling, focuses on immediate gains. However, this fixation on short-term wins can ultimately lead to downfall. In contrast, chess requires strategic foresight, anticipating future moves and outcomes. Similarly, in Mixed Martial Arts, lacking a long-term strategy can result in defeat. Therefore, this expression advocates for a shift towards strategic, forward-thinking approaches to success.

Tips for Long-Term Thinking:

1. Break Big Goals into Smaller Steps

Setting a monumental goal is admirable, but success lies in breaking it down into manageable steps. Embrace the process, valuing each small victory as a stepping stone towards the larger goal.

2. Consider the Bigger Picture in Decision-Making

Emotions often drive decisions, yet solely relying on emotional investments can prove detrimental. Take a step back to assess the broader impact of your choices, considering both personal and external ramifications.

3. Embrace Diverse Perspectives

In a world often plagued by narrow-mindedness, embracing diverse viewpoints fosters growth and nurtures long-term thinking. Welcome the richness of varied perspectives, allowing them to reshape your understanding and approach. It's common to encounter individuals who seem narrow-minded, resistant to alternative viewpoints, and deeply entrenched in their beliefs. Embracing open-mindedness becomes essential—it acts as a shortcut to personal growth and evolution.

To sum up, shifting one's mindset from the immediacy of checkers to the strategic depth of chess is no small feat. It demands humility, resilience, and a willingness to evolve. Progress, not perfection, is the true measure of success on this journey. As we navigate the complexities of our endeavors, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to long-term thinking, embracing the wisdom of chess in every move we make. 


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