Decoding Our Slogan: Take CTRL or Be CTRLD - The Story Behind It

Decoding Our Slogan: Take CTRL or Be CTRLD - The Story Behind It

I’ve always considered myself to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Yet, the term has become so overused and distorted through social media that its authenticity is often blurred. Many portray a false image of entrepreneurship for attention, making it challenging to discern genuine intent.

Nevertheless, maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset remains valuable. It signifies a constant quest for progress, a willingness to think beyond conventional boundaries, and a desire to leave an impact.

Look at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for instance. He relentlessly pushes forward, shaping an unparalleled legacy with unwavering determination.

In my own journey, I initially ventured into the fitness industry in 2020, but soon realized it wasn’t my true calling. Despite the setback, I didn’t lose faith in my entrepreneurial spirit.

Eventually, I decided to launch my own clothing brand. Learning from past experiences, I refrained from prematurely seeking support from family and friends until I was fully committed. It took weeks of contemplation to craft a fitting name and slogan that resonated with my values and brand ethos.
Here’s an image of our sleek Black and Gold zip-up hoodie featuring our empowering mantra on the back: ‘Take CTRL or Be CTRLD.’
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The result was TOP CTRL, an abbreviation for "To Optimize Peak Control." I believe in seizing control of our circumstances to pave the way for success. Hence, the slogan "Take CTRL or Be CTRLD" encapsulates the essence of empowerment. By relinquishing control to external forces—be it societal norms, career pressures, or self-doubt—we hinder our potential for growth.

Self-mastery is an ongoing journey, fraught with challenges. But by prioritizing personal growth and staying focused on our objectives, we unlock our true potential.

Embrace the journey, forge your own path, and discover the extent of control you wield when you prioritize your well-being and aspirations.
~ Take CTRL or Be CTRLD ~
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