Conquering Self-Hate: Revealing the Lies I Once Believed

Conquering Self-Hate: Revealing the Lies I Once Believed

I'm a dedicated mental health advocate, but authenticity requires acknowledging my own limitations. The discourse around mental health surged during the 2020 pandemic, yet some exploit it for views, reflecting society's current state.

Nevertheless, I deeply admire those who bravely share their struggles. Authenticity is crucial amid online scams, and social media has made relatable content more accessible. Encountering videos that echo our thoughts is reassuring, making people seem more relatable online than in person.

In this post, I'll dive into my struggles with self-acceptance, acknowledging ongoing battles with negative beliefs. As I navigate this journey, I'll share tips on overcoming self-deception.

The Lies I Once Believed:

"I’m Not Good Enough"

For decades, this lie echoed through my mind, haunting me from middle school to college. It tormented me during school presentations, relationships, and particularly during job interviews. However, as I confronted challenges and matured, I realized the paramount importance of confidence in every aspect of life. Without confidence, one's drive can feel like running on a treadmill, expending energy but making no progress.

"It’s Because I’m Black"

Reflecting on this belief fills me with disgust. I'm relieved to have shed this narrative away from myself. If there is one lie I’ve completely overcome it’s this one. It frustrates me when I encounter individuals within the black community who persist in using this excuse. It reflects a lack of accountability and responsibility. We as a community have to do the best we can with the opportunities that are given. While racism undoubtedly persists, I refuse to let it hinder my progress. I acknowledge the challenges faced by the black community, but I refuse to let them define my journey.

"I’m Too Short"

I constantly told myself this, particularly when chasing my dream of becoming a professional baseball player and navigating the dating world. My lack of self-belief stemmed from the rarity of someone my size succeeding in baseball. Regrettably, I closed doors on opportunities for myself.

Dating became even more daunting due to negative online perceptions, fostering toxic narratives between men and women. However, through my journey of self-improvement, I've learned to overcome these self-imposed limitations. I now accept my height as beyond my control and recognize that it doesn't determine my worth or potential. I've found gratitude in the unique blessings it brings, and I believe the same applies to you.

"I’m Too Old For This"

I won't claim that you're never too old for anything, but most of the time, age isn't a barrier. If I could do one thing before leaving this world to join God on the other side, it would be to revisit my childhood. I miss the carefree days when I didn't have to worry about career paths, job applications, rent, loans, or car payments. Those were the days I know I took for granted, filled with consistent joy and fun.

For instance, I've been a professional wrestling fan since I was about five years old. However, as I grew older, the product became stale and overly kid-friendly, causing me to lose interest. I felt embarrassed to admit my fandom in front of others, fearing judgment. Eventually, I started saying, 'I'm too old for this,' conforming to societal expectations rather than pursuing what truly brings me happiness.

I wouldn't claim to be the biggest wrestling enthusiast out there. When most people think of wrestling, they immediately conjure images of World Wrestling Entertainment, and I'll admit, Stone Cold Steve Austin holds a special place in my wrestling heart. However, my interest in WWE has diminished over time. Instead, I've found myself drawn to the newer brand, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which faces a slew of challenges and must prove itself to a skeptical audience. I've witnessed unprecedented negativity towards this up-and-coming company. As someone who's consistently supported the underdogs (as you've probably gathered from my blogs), given that I consider myself one, I've seen firsthand how underdogs possess the determination to exceed expectations. This company, in particular, has the talent and resilience to craft something genuinely distinctive in the realm of professional wrestling. Despite the skeptics, they must continue creating their own defining moments and improving their storytelling.

I refuse to pick sides; tribalism isn't my thing. I occasionally tune into WWE and maintain a deep admiration for the superstars they've developed, many of whom have ascended to become legendary figures in the sport. The most vital aspect, in my opinion, is ensuring that wrestlers are fairly compensated for their talent and have opportunities to cultivate their personal brands. These athletes put their bodies on the line to entertain audiences, both in arenas and at home, and they deserve recognition for their dedication. This dynamic fosters innovation and pushes both companies to think outside the box. While AEW might not yet match WWE's viewership, media presence, historical legacy, or overall audience, it serves as formidable competition for recruiting wrestlers when their contracts expire. Competition sparks improvement and breeds creativity, making AEW's emergence a significant development in my eyes.

Steps to Overcome Self-Hatred:

1. Acknowledge the Lies You Tell Yourself

If you're not honest with yourself, progress becomes elusive. If you're unsure of the lies you tell yourself, don't hesitate to seek input from a trusted friend or family member. Brutal honesty, though sometimes difficult to hear, is invaluable for personal growth. It's the foundation upon which we build better versions of ourselves.

2. Reflect on Childhood Memories

Reconnecting with your roots is like a breath of fresh air. It allows you to appreciate cherished memories and reflect on them. Whether it's drawing, watching animated TV shows or movies, playing a favorite sport, or any other activity, revisiting these pastimes can bring joy and nostalgia. Take time to reflect on these memories and consider reintroducing some of them into your life.

3. Prioritize Physical Exercise

There's nothing more rewarding than witnessing your physical health improve, as it often leads to enhancements in your emotional and spiritual well-being. By challenging yourself to build strength or improve your overall health, you're taking crucial steps towards overcoming self-hatred.

4. Seek Relatable Content

I'm not suggesting spending all day scrolling through your phone in search of relatable content. Instead of wasting time on irrelevant material, focus on content that resonates with you. It reminds you that you're not alone, and there are others facing similar struggles. In a judgmental world, finding relatable content can be incredibly comforting.

In conclusion, embarking on a journey of self-discovery entails confronting the lies we tell ourselves. By acknowledging our struggles, revisiting childhood joys, prioritizing physical health, and seeking relatable content, we can overcome self-hatred and embrace authenticity. Even when it feels like you're alone in a dark room with no light in sight, trust that by persevering through life's challenges, the darkness cannot last forever.


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