A Guide to Taking Full CTRL of Your Life

A Guide to Taking Full CTRL of Your Life

The essence behind creating this clothing brand was to inspire individuals to seize control of their lives at the highest level. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that complete control over everything is simply not feasible. Certain aspects are within our control, while others are not.

This notion gave rise to our slogan: “Take CTRL or Be CTRLD.” It underscores the importance of managing what’s within our grasp, as allowing life to dictate our course can lead to loss of agency. I want every reader to grasp that living the life they desire requires discipline and unwavering consistency.

Let’s identify what falls within our control and what doesn’t:

What You Can Control:

• Your attitude
• Your effort
• Your personal boundaries
• Your actions
• The type of content you consume

What You Can’t Control:

• Your past
• Your future
• Other people’s opinions/beliefs
• Other people’s actions
• Social media algorithms

These aspects may seem rudimentary, yet they often elude us amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s incumbent upon each of us to engage in introspection, enhancing self-awareness to identify areas for growth. Redirecting focus towards what’s controllable rather than dwelling on the uncontrollable is pivotal. While the journey to mastery may not unfold instantly, cultivating awareness of our habits and behaviors empowers us to progressively gain more control, evolving into the individuals we aspire to be.


~ Take CTRL or Be CTRLD ~

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